Wildflowers of New York

Calystegia sepium

A photographic collection and brief reference to help identify Wildflowers found in New York

Hedge Bindweed
- Calystegia sepium

Morning Glory Family
A distinguishing characteristic from similar plants is the arrowhead shaped leaves. Field Bindweed has similar leaves but less than half the size.

OK, I'll say it WEED!. I dropped a string of "French" adjectives though.

Beyond the garden boundary it is a pretty flower. But given prime garden conditions and it turns into a unruly pest. It climbs over everything and can smother other plants in a season. It's a constant pulling of the vine to keep other plants free of it. The problem is the roots, they have quite the spread underground so you can never pull them out. Even digging and removing the root is problematic, miss one little inch long piece and you have a new vine. Chop up the root and leave multiple pieces behind and Bingo, a set of invading tentacles will pull you down.

Found: Fields, thickets, wood edges, obnoxious garden weed
Height: up to 10 feet
May - Sept bloom time

Hedge Bindweed hedge bindweed

Warning: Do not leave small dogs or children unattended around bindweed

hedge bindweed hedge bindweed

the flowers will often have a purple tint

hedge bindweed