Wildflowers of New York

Common Buttercup

A photographic collection and brief reference to help identify Wildflowers found in New York

Common Buttercup
- Ranunculus ssp

Buttercup Family

With 36 species in the northest it can be hard to pin down an exact match. I'd like to say this is a common buttercup - R. acris but the leaves don't seem to be as deeply cut. Not a Creeping Buttercut - R. repens althought the leaves are about right, they lack the pale spots and the plant did not have runners.

But what the hey, a buttercup no matter the variety is like a bright sunshiny day.

Buttercups begin flowering in Spring and continues to bloom throughout the growing season

Found: Fields, meadows, roadsides, thickets
Height: 2 - 3 feet
May - Sept bloom time

Common Buttercup

Remember when someone asked, Do you like butter?, and then stuck one of these small flowers under your chin?
I do, and apparently I've had them jammed into my chin so many times that it's turned permanently yellow and can't stand to eat margarine.

Common Buttercup Common Buttercup Common Buttercup