Wildflowers of New York

Ox-Eye Daisy

A photographic collection and brief reference to help identify Wildflowers found in New York

Ox-Eye Daisy
- Leucanthemum vulgare

Daisy Family
Naturalized alien
A familiar flower of roadsides and gardens

Basel and the lowest stem leaves are spoon shaped on a long stalk
As leaves ascend the stem they become narrow with stubby lobes and stalkless.

With 15 to 35 flower petals it make a good choice to play Loves Me, Loves Me Not. Best to count the petals and make sure it has an odd number of petals before you play. If the number is even - cheat by starting with Loves Me Not

Found: Fields, roadsides, garden flower
Height: 1 -3 feet
June - Aug bloom time

ox-eye-daisy ox-eye-daisy ox-eye-daisy

Basal leaves above - stem leaf below