Wildflowers of New York

Closed Gentian

A photographic collection and brief reference to help identify Wildflowers found in New York

Closed Gentian
- Gentiana andrewsii

Gentian Family
AKA: Bottle Gentian

The closed petals make the flower look more like a unopened flower bud. There may be 2 sets/whorls of flowers

Closed Gentians are almost exclusively pollinated by bumblebees. The bees are strong enough to work their way into the flower.
Mutualistic association
- the bumblebees have a private source of nectar
- the plant has a loyal pollinator insuring cross pollination

Found: Wet areas, meadows, thickets, wood edges
Height: 1 - 2 feet
Aug - Oct bloom time

Closed Gentian

Closed Gentian

Closed Gentian


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